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Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) GUIDELINES FOR 2021

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has announced a new TFSA ( tax-free savings account ) limit for 2021. For many, this news fell on deaf ears as the TFSA has been underutilized by Canadians for many years. The first question to ask is “What is a TFSA?” The simple answer is: A TFSA is a registered investment or savings account that […]

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The Conservative Case Against the Boomers | The New Yorker

Everyone’s fed up with the baby boomers. Younger progressives charge them with a form of generational hoarding—of titles and power but mostly of money. The richest generation in the history of the world, the story goes, has squandered its wealth on vanity purchases and projects while leaving younger Americans with a debased environment and crazy levels of debt. During the Presidency […]

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Baby boomers are the new Generation Invisible

Forget what you know about boomers: the group we love to mock is having its moment in the sun. Just last month, president-elect Joe Biden, 78*, and his 56-year-old running mate Kamala Harris were made Time magazine’s Person of the Year. Elsewhere a new study found that boomers are Britain’s greenest generation, while a cohort of style influencers in their 60s […]

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LGBTQ+ baby boomers in need of safer housing in senior years, profs say – HalifaxToday.ca

This article, written by Jacqueline Gahagan, Dalhousie University and Ren Thomas, Dalhousie University, originally appeared on The Conversation and has been republished here with permission: Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of having safe and adequate housing. Having a safe home is not only a fundamental human right, it is also a key determinant of health. Yet when it […]

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This past year has been a very trying time for people around the world. News and updates regarding COVID-19 have been frantic and confusing at best. With the welcomed news of the new vaccine rollouts many people are struggling to get answers to their questions about the vaccines effectiveness and availability. Here is the latest overview of the current state of […]

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Social Security and How it Works Social Security provides you with a source of income when you retire or if you can’t work due to a disability. It can also support your legal dependents (spouse, children, or parents) with benefits in the event of your death.  What’s Social Security? Social Security is a program run by the federal government. The program […]

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