You are invited to a wine tasting party!!

The thought of getting together with friends, spending an evening talking about life and future travels. Sampling fine wines and cheese over a candle lit table…. never sounded so good.

Light jazz music is playing in the background, you notice that there are a couple of coffee table books strewn about with pictures of various French and Italian vineyards on the covers (Library is a great place to get these).

Over the jazz there’s an unmistakable sound, the first sound of a bottle being uncorked, your attention has been peaked.

Does any of this interest you?

We can all make this happen.

People will soon be able to congregate across the nation, why not throw a wine tasting party!

It starts with a Host and/or Hostess

Set a time and date.

Invite no more that 3 or 4 couples or 10 guests total, this will encourage your guests to communicate easily and keep the mood light.

As hosts it will be important to supply several items to prepare the scene.

A primary wine tasting station is advisable, preferably with a white tablecloth. You can also add some unscented candles to enhance the atmosphere if you like.

2 wine glasses per person is advisable so your guests can easily compare wines.

All glasses and cutlery are cleaned and polished before guests arrive.

Be aware that some guests may not want to get tipsy, a spit bucket or two should be easily available.

Some light plain crackers and French bread should also be on the table to help guests clean their palettes between wine tastings as well as a pitcher of water with regular glasses.

Each person should be given a scorecard and a pencil.

Click here for our scorecard and wine type, print them out for each guest. Then send back us so we can post!

Finally, after the initial tasting have an assortment of cheeses that everyone can sample and compare with the various wines.

Other bite-sized snacks are great to have at the end of the tasting portion.

There are no hard and fast rules as to how to proceed with the tasting but many people like to start with a blind tasting.

To do this, simply hide the labels of each bottle or simply wrap the bottles with something.

Place a number on each bottle. This is a really fun way to do the tasting as it will keep your guests conversationally interactive and help them taste the wines objectively.

Be sure to pour SMALL samples for each tasting, do not make the mistake of filling up the glasses…. your party will derail very quickly if you do this!

This should all be done slowly, taking up several hours.

When determining how much wine you will need, a good rule of thumb is to have ½ bottle and up to 1 full bottle (750ml) per guest.

Pick only one area of the world that you want to sample from: France, Italy, California, Australia…..

If the party is a success, pick another region the next time!

A fun way to get your guests involved as well as spread the cost is to have each person bring one bottle (make sure you have a mix of whites and reds). Determine the price point before the evening and tell your guests to stay within that budget. Having each guest bring a different cheese and/or snack is also a great option.

It’s always great to compare your notes together and reveal which bottle won top prize. If you feel adventurous either buy, or have people contribute to buy a high-end bottle or two and see how this bottle compares to the other price savvy wines. You may be surprised!

Finally, let’s try to keep this a truly social event by sending us the results of your event. Be sure to include which wines were selected and which scores were given. We’ll post this on theretirementlife.ca site and really be able to compare notes across our countries!!

Be sure to drink responsibly and take a taxi home! Plan to meet for brunch the next day!

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