“5 Simple Steps – Exercising for life”

There are many statistics out there regarding the success rate of individuals who begin a fitness regime.

The numbers are sobering and speak to the hectic lives we live, the non-accountability, unrealistic expectations and simple lack of motivation which all add up to a very poor success rate.

Tired senior sportsman training with trainer in gym

January is the most lucrative month for any fitness center.

One large well known fitness centre reports that many people start a gym membership, because they want to completely redefine themselves and create a “New Me“.

Unfortunately, most don’t stick with it.  More than 90% of these people will quit after three months of going to the gym. 

I’ve struggled myself with these issues before finally succeeding at my goal.

I’ve learned many things along the way and discovered that there was really only 5 steps that needed to be overcome to achieve these goals.

These are the steps, in order of appearance:


For me, this step starts with an empty bag of chips. For you it could be cookies, ice cream, beer…pick your poison.

But in my case, it was salt and vinegar. Not far from the empty bag, would be a chocolate bar wrapper, cookie crumbs and a half bottle of diet coke.

The crime scene is always well established. A gut on full display with the guilt just starting to settle in.

I was finally determined to stop killing myself with this junk food and start getting in shape. I woke up the next morning, took out a calendar and chose the date I would start my new life….it was the 1st,  it’s always the 1st, the month is not so important…. Unless it’s January, in which case you’ll have more pressure put on you.

So step #1 is making a decision regarding your health, and you want to improve it.


You’ve taken out your old running shoes, but discovered that they’re splattered with paint. No worries, there’s still time to get kitted out before the 1st.

You spend about $150 on new running shoes and workout clothes….and a water bottle.

The first days of exercise aren’t as fun as you thought they would be, it feels like there’s blood in your mouth, and that 30 minute jog has turned into a very painful 10 minute limp.

But you started, that’s the important point.

Now, if you truly are motivated, you’ll get through this step.

You’ll start to exercise longer, that blood taste will go away, your muscles won’t ache as much…and you’ll actually start to feel good.

You’ll notice walking around with a skip in your step. Even though you’ve only been working out for a week, you tend to thumb your nose at the hoards of the non-active, cookie eating scum of the earth….shame on them! ( you think this to yourself of course)

So step #3, you’ve started…you’re doing what you said you would do. If you make it here, you’ll go to step #3.


Step #3 is a day……..nothing more than that, could be a Tuesday, could be a Saturday, it doesn’t really matter, it’s just a day.

But this day will be one of the most crucial days in your quest towards long lasting fitness.

This day is the day that you’ll get up and you won’t really feel like working out.

Two voices will suddenly manifest where there was only one before.

These voices will begin to mimic the volley of a tennis match.

I’m really tired today, I need a break.

But your supposed to work out today?

Yeah, but I worked out Monday and Wednesday, I really pushed hard on Wednesday.…plus, I could take today off and work out tomorrow.

But “tomorrow” is supposed to be your day off, not today?

One day isn’t going to kill me, I feel like my muscles need the rest anyways.

That’s not good…..


I said, that’s not good…..

What’s that supposed to mean?

I’m just saying…….

Yeah, well shut the fuck up! Besides, I think I pulled a muscle!

Pulled a muscle?…..PLEEEASE….!


Well, your ears are certainly fit!

You son of a……!

This back and forth goes on for quite a while.

The last words usually heard inside your head are, “It’s too late to exercise anyways”…

Game set and match.

But, if you DID actually win this important matchup…take heed, you’re in good shape and ready for Step#4

Step #4

If you’ve made it to this step, you’re doing very well, but you are not out of the woods.

This step is a little like Step #3….but not quite.

You have your motivation now, but you become bored with your workout routine.

Depending on what you were doing for exercise, it all becomes stale and feels like drudgery and work.

Luckily, there’s many different strategies that you can use to help raise yourself to the next step.

Things you can try are:

Periodically change your regiment

Set new goals

Take along your tablet or MP3 player

Join a sports league

Tired and Bored

You’ll find that this is something that you always need to juggle and stay on top of, but it can also be an exciting change at times and can help keep you going.

Nearly everyone encounters workout boredom at one point another. But luckily, there are various strategies you can adopt that will help you overcome such a malaise and reinvigorate your enthusiasm for exercising.

If you’ve figured out the way to prevent boredom, there’s only 1 step left.

Step #5

Step #5 is achieved by harnessing the power and confidence  you’ve accumulated from the previous 4 steps.

You now know what it takes. Congratulations!

You know the voices in your head very well now! And you know how to win!

Now is the time to make exercise ingrain itself into your system, like brushing your teeth in the morning…It just has to be done, “do it!”

And the good thing about this step is, by now, you know you can do it!

Good Luck Everybody!!

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