“Banana Whip”

How often have you found yourself with a bunch of bananas that are looking a little tired and brown?

Well, before the dreaded fruit flies make their appearance and invade your kitchen, there’s a little known treat that I’d like to fill you in on. Here’s an easy peasy recipe that will taste fantastic, with an added bonus of being good for you.

Impossible you say!

Well read on for a secret recipe so guarded that an even the might alchemists of ancient times could never have dreamed it was possible!

“Banana Whip”

First, take 2 bananas that have gone past their prime.

Peel them, then put them in a plastic freezer bag, and freeze them.

Freeze them for at least a couple of hours, but sometimes I leave them in there for weeks.

When the bananas are sufficiently frozen , take them out of the bag and chop them into 1 inch pieces. (2 bananas are a good serving for 1 person, so multiply if you have more people)

Place the pieces in a food processor. This will take a couple of minutes at least, you want to get the consistency of ice cream.

Add 1/4 cup of almond or oat milk and whatever ingredients you like at this time, we’ve added cocoa, a good tablespoon. But you can also add berries, nuts, whatever you like.

Give the mixture another spin in the processor and VOILA! , you’re done.

Enjoy the forbidden fruits of your labour.

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