“Ramblings of a Mad Man”

What is Consciousness?

Everything is made up of “stuff”, atoms, subatomic particles, photons, the chair, the sun, trees….all of it.

Even light is made up of “stuff”.

We humans assume a lot. If we only existed in a cave and saw only shadows, that would be all we knew and we’d build stories around the shadows we saw.

Complex observing subsystems is what we are, and registering and digesting data is what we do.

There are atoms and cells in my body that I have no control over, nor do I know what they are doing. Yet, they are a part of what I call “me”.

By the same token, there are atoms, cells, chemicals “out there” that I also have no control over, nor do I know what they are doing.

Can they not be considered part of “me” as well? And if so, what is “me”?

Is consciousness the animating factor from which all life manifests?

I am conscious, because I am alive.

The brain is something very different.

The brain develops into character based on DNA and life events. DNA meaning, what you were born with and life events – how you were raised for example. These things shape your ego.

Yet the consciousness is always there, like a battery powering your body. Its juice getting it’s current from the main power source – God if you want, or something of “otherness”.

At death the ego dies, but consciousness is just absorbed back into the main power source, waiting for something that needs power again.

We don’t have the capability of knowing that we are all connected via consciousness. All the humans, animals, plants, insects…all one.

Meditation and possibly certain types of psychedelics have been used for hundreds of years to attempt to clear the ego and tap into consciousness directly.

Many talk of this as the “bliss” state, or even enlightenment.

Biocentrism even suggests that consciousness itself creates life and not the other way around.

When it comes to meditation, the goal is to be in the present.

The task of “being in the present moment” has been very illusive to me. But what I discovered is not so much being in the present but rather to “observe” the present moment, which is very different.

To observe is to be present. To observe writing, walking, eating, loving, all this consequently is “being in the moment” as is much easier to do.

What is it that makes people who have been together forever, or twins, seem to finish each other’s sentences or share the same type of thoughts?

Is it a conscious melding as ego slips away? 2 people becoming one? Or is it a hard body melding?

Has consciousness become aware of itself? It must have in order to manifest matter.

And what is the goal of consciousness? Is it simply to get bigger, reproduce itself as all life on earth does? To procreate itself?

I am conscious, I am conscious of myself…thus “I AM”.

But what about when I sleep????

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